How long have you been researching your ancestry? I just started a couple years ago and while some say that’s a long time, I feel that I’m still a newbie. There are so many ways to find information; some are easy, others are difficult.

When I began putting my family tree together on Ancestry.com I had a fair amount of information to start with. Those green leaves that popped up helped fill in some gaps and I was soooo proud. However, more than one of my fifth generation ancestors introduced roadblocks that I despaired of ever getting around.

After more than a year of researching on my own (visiting the Madison County Historical Society, Fayetteville Public Library and talking to relatives) I decided to post a request for help on the message boards at Ancestry.com. It was simple:

I’ve hit a roadblock in researching this branch of my tree. America Lavonia Reeves from Coosa, Alabama. Married Joseph Robert Tuck in 1876 and had one child. Married or co-habitated with Robert Gulledge (1836-1920) and had six children. I can find no information on her before her marriage to Tuck.

If anyone has information on her parents, I would appreciate a nod in the right direction.

Within a week, I received a reply from a kind woman (Pauline) who had done some research for me. Pieces started falling into place. I was ecstatic!

I also felt a little foolish because she used a search engine I had access to but was unaware of how to use. Pauline not only spent her time to help me, she opened my eyes to another tool. I’ve taken advantage of it too. Other mysteries have been solved, at least partially, since I’ve become aware of the new search tool.

What better way to start a blog about my ancestry quest and general genealogy than to thank someone who helped. Thank you, Pauline.