Does your family tree contain a loop? You know, you’re putting all the information down and realize that you have the same surname in two different areas of the same generation in the same family. I don’t know how common it is but it sure cropped up in my family tree.

Image © Miguel Saavedra

Image © Miguel Saavedra

My maternal grandfather’s paternal grandmother was Hanna Helena SHIPMAN Baker. His maternal grandfather was James Shipman. However, these two Shipmans weren’t brother and sister. I had to go back a few more generations to find the connection.

Hannah’s 2x great-grandfather and James’ great-grandfather were one and the same, Daniel Shipman. His sons, Jacob and Edward, married and had children, creating their own branches. A few generations later the line found each other again. Edward’s branch produced Hanna who married William Baker. Jacob’s branch produced James whose daughter Julia married Hanna’s son George. The result? My grandfather, Tom Baker.

That’s a convoluted way of saying two branches of my tree merge. It’s mind boggling and interesting. I love genealogy research!