ancestraleventsOn October 4, 1927 my grand-aunt, Mary Hazel BAKER Calhoun, died. On this day in 1961, Sarah Rebekah Baker, my great-grand aunt passed away.

October 5, 1865 is the day Hiram Kelly Ellis & Susan LANE married. They were my 3x great-grand aunt and uncle. In 1871, my 2nd great-grand aunt, Nancy Cooper, was born in Combs, Madison, Arkansas.

My great-grandmother, Mary Vandonia Belle MARTIN was born on October 6, 1891 in Madison County, Arkansas. On this day in 1818 Lucinda Reeves, my 3x great-grand aunt, was born in Georgia.

October 7, 2007 marks the death of my uncle George Thomas Baker in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. He was my mother’s half brother.

On October 10, 1986 Elzie Henry Gulledge, my great-grand uncle, died in Patrick, Madison, Arkansas. In 1886 another great-grand uncle, Claiborne Clabe Hammons, was born in Clay, Kentucky. On this day in 1710 Aaron Prather, was born in Prince George’s, Maryland. He was my 7x great-grand uncle.

Although I’ve done a great deal of research and am fairly certain of the dates and events, I’m not infallible. If you see a mistake, please inform me and I’ll correct it. Also, any additional information you could share with me is always appreciated. I want my research to be as complete and correct as possible.