ancestraleventsNovember 29, 1877 marks the death of Simiean Hammons, my great-grandaunt. On this day in 1927 my aunt Annie Marie BAKER, was born in Patrick, Madison, Arkansas.

On December 1, 1736 Nathaniel Henderson, my 5x great-granduncle, was born in Hanover, Virginia. In 1854 my 1st cousin 3x removed, Thomas Winfield Baker, was born in Winston, Alabama. This day in 1875 marks the birth of Charles W. Dorsey. He was my great-granduncle. On this day in 1900, Nancy Katie McGinnis, my great-grandaunt was born.

December 2, 1898 is the day my grandfather, Gordon Alfonso Fry(e), was born in Patchinville, Clearfield, Pennsylvania. He adopted my father. He also took it upon himself to tack that e onto the end of Fry which is why my last name is different than my adopted ancestors’.

December 3, 1769 marks the birth of Edward Mitchell, my 4x great-granduncle. On this day in 1963 Loyde Lincoln Dorsey, my great-uncle, died in Lakeview, Oregon.

On December 4, 1785 my 4x great-grandfather, Hezekiah Shipman, was born.

December 5. On this day in 1781 my 6x great-grandfather, Hugh Smith, died in Wilkes, North Carolina. In 1903 Caldona Baker was born in Madison County, Arkansas. She was my great-aunt, 5th cousin 1x removed and 4th cousin 3x removed. Lucinda Hammons died on this day in 1943. She was my great-grandaunt.

Although I’ve done a great deal of research and am fairly certain of the dates and events, I’m not infallible. If you see a mistake, please inform me and I’ll correct it. Also, any additional information you could share with me is always appreciated. I want my research to be as complete and correct as possible.