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November 29:
1927 Annie Marie BAKER in Patrick, Madison, Arkansas – my maternal aunt
December 1:
1736 Nathaniel Henderson in Hanover County, Virginia – my maternal 5th great grand uncle
1854 Charles H. Baker in Winston, Alabama – my maternal 1st cousin 3 times removed.
1875 Charles W. Dorsey my paternal great grand uncle
1900 Nancy Katie McGinnis my paternal great grand aunt
December 2:
1898 Gordon Alfonso Fry(e) in Patchinville, Clearfield, Pennsylvania – my adoptive paternal grandfather
December 3:
1769 Edward Mitchell my maternal 4th great grand uncle
1826 Reuben Bruner in Scott County, Virginia, USA – my paternal 1st cousin 4 times removed
December 4:
1785 Hezekiah Shipman my maternal 4th great grandfather


November 28:
1902 Harry Ellis in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas – my 1st cousin 4 times removed
1975 Minnie Lea “Bebe” STONE Frye in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas – my adoptive paternal grandmother
November 29:
1877 Simiean Hammons my great grand aunt
December 2:
1892 Ephraim Bruner in Bush Stores, Laurel, Kentucky- my paternal 3rd great grand uncle)
December 3:
1963 Loyd Lincoln Dorsey my great uncle


No evidence for ancestor’s weddings this week.

Although I’ve done a great deal of research and am fairly certain of the dates and events, I’m not infallible. If you see a mistake, please inform me and I’ll correct it. Also, any additional information you could share with me is always appreciated. I want my research to be as complete and correct as possible.