Logo: Ancestral EventsMany people frown upon family trees with just names and dates. What follows is one of those lists. For some people in my tree, this may be all the information I have for others it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The reasoning behind sharing these ancestral events is to connect with others who may be researching the same people. Leave a message or use the contact form to email me if you have questions or just want to share information. Maybe we have common ancestors; wouldn’t it be great to connect!


December 5:
1903 Caldona Baker in Madison County, Arkansas – my grand aunt
1928 Pauline McGinnis my paternal first cousin 2 times removed

December 7:
1704 Zipporah Murray in Baltimore, Maryland – my paternal 7th great grand aunt
1830 William Watts Bruner in Scott, Virginia – my paternal first cousin 4 times removed

December 8:
1762 Robert S. Huntley in Dublin, Bedford, Virginia – my maternal 5th great grandfather

December 11:
1686 Robert Baker in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – my maternal 7th great grandfather


December 5:
1781 Hugh Smith in Wilkes County, North Carolina – my maternal 6th great grandfather
1943 Lucinda Hammons my paternal great grand aunt

December 6:
1878 William Martin Baker in Union, Georgia – my maternal first cousin 3 times removed

December 7:
1713 Lyle Jane McKAY Prater in Brookfield Plantation, Prince George’s Maryland – my maternal 9th great grandmother
2007 Tommy Blair in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas – my maternal uncle-in-law

December 8:
1904 Elizabeth Ann Johnson Friend in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri – my paternal 3rd great grand aunt
1910 Irene McGinnis in Huntsville, Madison, Arkansas my paternal first cousin 3times removed (she was less than two months old)
1981 Drusilla Hammons in Pritchett, Baca, Colorado – my paternal great grand aunt

December 9:
1862 David Stephens in McKee, Jackson, Kentucky – my maternal 4th great grandfather

December 10:
1867 Andrew Jackson Babb in Troy, Madison, Illinois – my maternal first cousin 5 times removed
1904 John Coleman Shipman in Denver, Carroll, Arkansas – my 2nd great grand uncle
1993 Elva Lorraine Snyder Gulledge in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas (wife of maternal 2nd cousin once removed)
2006 Goldie Parsley Patrick in Omak, Okanogan, Washington – my maternal first cousin once removed


I’ve found no evidence of marriages for this week.

Although I’ve done a great deal of research and am fairly certain of the dates and events, I’m not infallible. If you see a mistake, please inform me and I’ll correct it. Also, any additional information you could share with me is always appreciated. I want my research to be as complete and correct as possible.