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Here is my weekly roundup of ancestral events. Are you related to any of these folks? If you are, I’d love to hear from you.


December 12:
1803 James Clark my maternal 5th great grand uncle

December 13:
1854 Mary Winifred Davis in Missouri – stepdaughter of maternal 3rd great grand uncle

December 14:
1786 Abraham McGinnis in Halifax, Virginia – my paternal 5th great grandfather
1877 John C. Sharp in Arkansas – husband of paternal 2nd great grand aunt
1957 Bobby Dale Walker in Fayetteville, Arkansas – my maternal first cousin)

December 16:
1869 Rosalie Baker in Alabama – my maternal first cousin 3 times removed

December 17:
1792 Temperance Shipman in Warren County, Kentucky – my maternal 4th great grand aunt

December 18:
1851 William Martin Baker in Union County, Georgia – my maternal 1st cousin 3 times removed


December 12:
1854 Charles H. Baker in Winston, Alabama – my maternal first cousin 3 times removed. He was 11 days old
1898 Samuel Cooper in Hilburn, Madison, Arkansas – my maternal 3rd great grandfather
1943 Emily Hammons Youngman my paternal great grand aunt
1854 Thomas Winfield Baker in Winston, Alabama – my maternal first cousin 3 times removed

December 15:
2009 Joe D. Bassett in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas -2nd husband of my paternal grandmother


December 13:
1809 Sherwood S. Cooper & Luley WILKERSON – my maternal 4th great grandparents

Other Events

December 15:
1777 William Spencer Dorsey in South Carolina, Enlisted in the Sixth Regiment as a fifer. My paternal 4th great grandfather

Although I’ve done a great deal of research and am fairly certain of the dates and events, I’m not infallible. If you see a mistake, please inform me and I’ll correct it. Also, any additional information you could share with me is always appreciated. I want my research to be as complete and correct as possible.