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Gravestone: Job & Mary Broughton

Job & Mary Broughton
Job Broughton Cemetery, Stinking Creek, Knox, Kentucky
My paternal 6th great grandparents

Job Broughton married Mary LEWIS on 26 Jun 1774. He was a Revolutionary War soldier. They lived their final years in Stinking Creek, Knox County, Kentucky. All of this information was obtained from Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900. The original documents were scanned and in some places you can read Job’s handwriting (well, sort of, it wasn’t completely legible to me).

I was surprised to learn the cemetery they are buried in is named after Job. I’ve found eight burials in total with the surname of Broughton there (Find A Grave Job Broughton Cemetery). Also found some interesting information about Stinking Creek, Kentucky. This article explains how its name was born.

Overall I was pleased with my findings about my 6th great grandparents.

Military Gravestone: Job Broughton

Job Broughton Cemetery, Stinking Creek, Knox County, Kentucky, USA