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Headstone: Fielding & Rhoda PATRICK Salyer

Fielding Nelson and Rhoda Jane PATRICK Salyer
Salyer-Millard Cemetery, Williamson County, Texas
my maternal 3rd great grand aunt and her husband

Fielding Nelson Salyer left Kentucky and in 1852 settled in Arkansas where he married Rhoda J. Patrick, my 3rd great grand aunt. The couple moved to Williamson County, Texas in 1861, and soon there after the Civil War broke out. Fielding joined in the Confederate Army under Captain Strayhorn in Gurley’s Regiment and Gann’s brigade, serving in his first battle at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Rhoda and Fielding had twelve children. Two died in infancy but the remaining ten were with Fielding when he passed away after a long illness. Rhoda died the year before. From what I’ve gleaned from obituaries, the couple was well loved by their family and community.