I wrote of Goldie once before in a Tombstone Tuesday post. Since that time, her ex son-in-law, Raymond Douglas, was found not guilty for her murder. Her daughter, Reta Flowers, was also accused but the charge and prison sentence was reduced in exchange for her testimony against Douglas.

Goldie’s death was gruesome. She was last in in Fayetteville, Arkansas in January of 1996. She wasn’t reported missing for two more months. Her remains were found in Little Rock in 2000 but weren’t identified until June 2010. At the time of her disappearance, Flowers and Douglas were living with her.

Flowers admitted to officials that Douglas confessed to killing Goldie by hitting her on the head with a clock radio, then strangling her with a cord. Officials believe Goldie’s body was dismembered and taken to Little Rock from Fayetteville when Flowers and Douglas moved there in March 1996.

Because it took so long to identify the remains the case had grown cold and all evidence was circumstantial. Justice was not served. Officials and Goldie’s family stand by their belief that Douglas is guilty of murder.

Goldie was my maternal 1st cousin 2x removed.

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