I know I’ve neglected this blog. It seems to be a pattern with me. It’s not that I’m not researching, I totally am. I’ve discovered some amazing photos and information recently. (the problem is I’m writing a novel and my genealogy time is limited)

Today, I’d like to share some photos that I ran across. Actually, my mother had these hoarded away. They are from my adoptive branch. My Grandpa Gordon’s family. I’ve had to do some puzzling to figure out which faces belong with which names and such, but it’s been a satisfying journey.

I won’t bombard you with a bunch of things at once. I’ll start with Grandpa Gordon’s parents:

Aaron P. Fry 1859-1918
My adoptive great-grandfather

Aaron Patchin Fry was born 29 Oct 1959 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. In 1887 he married Elizabeth Bee and on May 1, 1888 a daughter was born: Bertha Odessa Fry. Elizabeth died the next month from complications stemming from Bertha’s birth. Aaron allowed Elizabeth’s parents to raise Bertha. I know he continued to be a part of her life. Her name is mentioned in many of the documents I’ve discovered. However, I’ve found no photos of her. If anyone out there has any, I’d love to see them.

On February 11, 1890, Aaron married Mary Amanda Beck who was born in Clearfield County, 29 Jun 1869. Their union was blessed with 14 children. (dau) Frances Willard, (dau) Florence Leona, (dau) Twin to Florence – died at birth, (son) George Cyrus, (dau) Nettie Norene, (son) Harvey Peterman, (son) Gordon Alfonso, (dau) Elizabeth Beck, (dau) Mary Amanda, (dau) Ressie Avonel, (dau) Alice Agnes, (dau) Margaret Isabel, (son) unnamed died at birth (son) Aaron Leroy.

Mary Amanda BECK Fry 1869-1938
My adoptive great-grandmother

When I saw this picture of Mary Amanda BECK Fry, my first thought was, “She’s beautiful.” Her image fired my imagination and I think I’ll write a story or book with a character that looks like her.

Aaron passed away during the flu epidemic of 1918. In Mary’s later years she was bedridden due to an enlarged heart. Many of her grandchildren never saw her walk. She passed away in November 1938.

I have photos of many of the children born of Aaron and Mary Amanda’s union. I’ll share them with you in future posts.

I’d love to connect with others researching the Fry family. I know that Aaron’s parents were Amos W. Fry and Mary “Polly” Bates. They moved from Lancaster County, in Eastern Pennsylvania to Clearfield County in Western Pennsylvania. As a result they lost contact with their family in the east. The only name I’ve found that could connect to Amos and Aaron is a Boliver Fry and there is some confusion over how that is spelled: Woliver or Boliver. The information I found says he came from the Netherlands. So, if you happen to know more about the Fry Clan, please comment. I’m anxious to follow these roots and see where they lead.