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I adore Ancestry.com. I’ve found so many records documenting my family’s history there. In recent months, I’ve been focused on filling in pieces of my family tree that are close to my era and have set aside research of ancestors farther back.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message telling me I had a hint for Alce Besbidge, my maternal 8x great grandmother. When I clicked the link, surprise and joy flooded me. It lead me to the baptismal record for Alce.

Kent England Tyler Index to Parish Registers

Kent England Tyler Index to Parish Registers 1538 to 1874

What I gleaned from this document is that she was baptized on the 6th of February, 1624 at Goudhurst and that her father’s name was James. Earlier searches led me to the marriage record of Alce (Alice Besbedge) and John Bourne. It gave the year of marriage: 1645, place of marriage: MA, and listed her birth year as 1624.

In the past, when I looked at other people’s trees, I found conflicting information so I dropped that line of research. Some people have her birth as 29 Jun 1624. I find that difficult to believe if she was baptized in February of 1624. At least I have confirmation of the year.

Now, she had to immigrate to the United States at some point. I’ve found a Passenger and Immigration record that list a Thomas Besbetch, wife anne Baseden, child Mary and child Alice arriving in Cambridge, MA in 1635. But Thomas isn’t the father’s name on the baptismal record. It’s perplexing. Is this my Alice and her family?

While finding documents such as these are fascinating, they sometimes lead to more confusion. It’s so fun though! I like to look at my ancestors and say, I know where you fit. Maybe not in the grand scheme of things, but at the very least where you fit into my life.