Gordon Leroy Beck
My adoptive great grand uncle

As far as I can tell, Gordon never married. I’ve found a document where he entered the Battle Mountain Sanitarium in Hot Springs, Fall River, South Dakota for treatment of Arthritis. It was a place for disabled volunteer soldiers. At the time of his admission he was 47 years old and the paperwork listed him as single.

The form also listed his religion as Protestant and his occupation as Salesman. I really enjoyed viewing the document because it specified his dates of enlistment and discharge; unfortunately, I couldn’t decipher the cause for discharge. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War and discharged in January of 1899. Since he was a volunteer I’m assuming he was discharged because the war had ended.

I plan to do a military post in the future and will add Gordon Beck’s information to it. I’m still planning, so it may be a while before I get it finished.

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