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In honor of Independence Day, I decided to share a few of my ancestors that I know fought in the Revolutionary War.

William Spencer Dorsey, my paternal 4th great-grandfather (1758-1818): According to the Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the Revolutionary War, 19 year old William enlisted int he Sixth Regiment as a fifer. On the 1st of Feb, 1780, he transferred to the First Regiment.

Marker commemorating the Battle of Camden

Edy Holbrook, my paternal 4th great-grandfather (1730-1832): From the Widows Pension Application File, I discovered that Edy was a Private in the Company Commanded by Captain Kirkpatrick of the Regiment Commanded by Colonel Haws in the Virginia line, for the term of the war, from Oct 1780 – 1783 (18 months). He was present at the battles of Camden.

Thomas Lane, my paternal 4th great-grandfather (1754-1829) was a private in Virginia’s 6th Regiment. Source: U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls

Memorial for Benjamin Drake

Benjamin Drake, my paternal 6th great-grandfather ((1729-1827) served with Colonel William Christian as a militiaman.

Captain John Cox, my maternal 5th great-grandfather (1739-1818). On his Monument: “Capt. John Cox was an officer under General Washington’s Command. […] Capt. John Cox was a Regulator, commanding a company and was called upon to assist in keeping order and peace. He did much to put a stop to bad conduct and Tory depredations.”

Jacob Shipman, my maternal 4th great-grandfather (1746-1794). He enlisted July 20, 1778 and served nine months in Captain Quinn’s Company, Colonel Abraham Shepard’s 10th Regiment, North Carolina Continental line.

Archibald Prather, my maternal 5th great-grandfather (1755-1831). Was part of the Virginia militia. Signed oath of allegiance, 1777.

Huntley Cemetery, White Store Township, Anson, North Carolina
Photo courtesy Shirley Overholser, Huntley Dobson and Find A Grave

Thomas Huntley, my maternal 6th great-grandfather (1745-1802) served as a private in the North Carolina Militia. He was a guard in the Battle of Camden and afterwards aided as one of a scouting party to subdue the Tories.

His father, Thomas Huntley, Sr. was also a contributor to the American cause in the Revolution by giving money and materials.

Jacob Mitchell, my maternal 4th great-grandfather (1760-1837). Served in Captain Bradley’s Company, North Carolina Regiment.

I’m very proud of my ancestors; their courage amazes me and they deserve to be honored, as do all veterans.