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Left: Reed, Right: Tom Baker
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See that handsome fella there on the right? That’s my grandfather, Tom Baker. I don’t know the man on the left. All it says on the back of the photo is “Reed, a friend.”

Reed is a mystery man. In a lot of ways, so is my grandfather. He died when I was two and I have only one clear memory of him. Of course, I’ve heard stories about him and through those stories I’ve found a connection. I know he served in both the Army and the Marines, but little has been said about his actual service. That’s probably why this photo so intrigues me.

I’d like to know more about Reed. Is that his first name or last name? What made them have their photo taken together with their arms around each other? Were they celebrating something? Did they have each others back on a battle field somewhere?

They are both standing tall and proud. Yes, I want to know more about this Reed person. Do you recognize him?