James Stone, Minnie Lea Stone, Elmo Stone

James Stone, Minnie Lea Stone, Elmo Stone

I never met my adoptive grandmother. There was a rift in the relationship between her and my father. After my dad introduced my mother (his then fiance) to her and my adoptive grandfather he didn’t return to their home until well after she had left this world.

When my mother and I began packing to move at the end of last year, I discovered a treasure trove of photos and newspaper clippings that has helped me piece together some of the past. The above photo is of my adoptive grandmother, Minnie Lea STONE Frye (everyone called her Bebe) and her brothers, James on the left and Elmo on the right. James owned a service station and this photo was taken there.

While I’ve learned a great deal about her family, there are still a lot of gaps. I look forward to filling them in and sharing what I find with you all.