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As I’ve plundered the treasure trove of pictures and news clippings from my adoptive grandparent’s belongings, several items stood out. They’ve provided a bit of mystery and the genealogist in me wants to solve those mysteries.

Ella Mae JOHNSON Stone

Ella Mae JOHNSON Stone (click photo for larger version)

Here’s a good place to start:

<—-My adoptive great grandmother, Ella Mae JOHNSON Stone was born on December 4, 1883 in Fannin County, Texas. She died May 5, 1963 in Amarillo, Potter, Texas. I can find nothing about her before she married Arthur Stone. I've checked census records online, but am thinking I'll need to go to Texas to get any real traction.

However, I've found a few pictures that I consider pieces of the puzzle and am hoping some of you might recognize them.

The first one is of Ella Mae's brother. A name is written on the back, but you can tell that someone used glue or another substance to hold it in place in a frame and most of the name has been peeled off. I can tell the last name is Johnson. Bebe had a note with the photo which reads…

Uncle D?? Johnson & sons Cedric & Jessie. Mothers Bro. (I can’t make out the first name. It could be Dew, Daw or Dau.)

Do you recognize this man?

Ella Mae Johnson's Brother

There were two more photos with the note. One is of Cedric Johnson, it has his name on the back and says, ‘Nephew of Mother’

Cedric Johnson

The last photo is of (I’m assuming) Cedric and Jessie Johnson. The fella in the car looks like the fella in the above picture.

Cedric & Jessie Johnson

So, do any of these men look familiar to you? Do you know anything about the parents and siblings of Ella Mae JOHNSON? If so, please leave a comment. I’d love to learn more about this line of my tree.