Adam Beck with Children

Adam Beck was my adoptive 2nd great grandfather. He is pictured here with his children: Zelma Leona BECK Armstrong, Gordon Leroy Beck, Wallace Irwin Beck, Florence Vandalia BECK Yeager, and Mary Amanda BECK Fry. (Mary Amanda was my adoptive grandmother). (A huge thanks to Debra Kabinier for sharing this photo on Ancestry.com)

Names are a tradition in my paternal adoptive line. My adoptive grandfather’s name was Gordon, named for his uncle. Adam married Hannah IRWIN, hence Wallace’s middle name. The tradition for naming children after siblings is very evident in the Fry line. It has been interesting and frustrating at times putting the pieces together. Even uncommon names like Ressie or Avonel make things difficult. You must always pay attention to dates while researching genealogy, but when dealing with names that are passed down from generation to generation it’s even more important.

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