Do you know this little girl? The only clues I have are from the back of the photo. Margy, Sept 1948, 7 yrs old.

Margy, 7 years old, September 1948

Margy, 7 years old, September 1948

I found this photo in with other photos and documents from my adoptive branches. I don’t know if she is a relative or friend of the family. The adoptive lines include, but aren’t limited to, the surnames Fry, Stone, Beck, Laub, Irwin, McCullough, Bates, Stockham, Biss, Schnellbacher, Wheeler, Sharp, Killingsworth, Stotts, Johnson, Burns, Herr, Chapman, Gochnour, Kime, Rorabaugh, Yeager, Vaughn, and Armstrong.