Genealogy is a passion. Once you catch the bug, it’s hard to stop researching. Fables and Endless Genealogies is where I’ll share my passion with likeminded enthusiasts and hopefully connect with long lost relatives. 🙂

Ancestor’s surnames include but not limited to Baker, Dorsey, Fry, McGinnis, Hammons, Prater, Gulledge, Lane, Patrick, Picklesimer, Kingary, Cresap, Fugate, Ellis, Bruner, Lane, Shipman, McDonnell, and Reeves.

I enjoy learning about my lineage and find it rewarding to connect with others doing the same. I hope you find my site useful and will return often.

When I’m not researching my ancestry, I’m writing fiction. Another passion. I can also be found reading, watching movies and gardening.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. David Haulbrook said:

    I would like to trade ancestry information with you. I am descended from Randolph Holbrook, brother of Edy Holbrook, and Jacob Shipman through his son Edward and wife Hannah.

  2. Jeanine Ellis said:

    You and my husband William (Bill) Ellis are distant cousins. We have copies of the photos of Aunts Johnnie, Dru and Kate that you have posted. Bill’s mother by adoption (actually his great aunt) is Lucille Ellis. Her mother was Anna Hammons, one of the many sisters in the Hammons family. His birth mother was Annabelle McGinnis, daughter of Alberta Mcginnis, Lucille Ellis’s sister. My these names do get confusing don’t they.

    • They do get confusing, but I love saying Aunt Johnnie. 😉 I’ll have to write all these names down and put them in order before I’ll get a picture. It’s always great to meet (even virtually) distant cousins.

      • Jeanine Ellis said:

        I,m so happy you replied and so promptly too. Bill was trying to figure out who your parents are. We figured out that Randy Fred is your father but Bill doesn’t remember meeting him anytime. We met Ina at his father’s funeral but haven’t seen her since. Connie was at his mother’s (Lucille) funeral but we haven’t seen or heard from him since then either. Anyway it is nice to know that there are still some relatives out there that haven’t totally disappeared. Lets stay in touch.

      • I am the daughter of Randy. He was adopted by Gordon Frye (a complicated story) and his name changed to Randy James Frye. He kept in touch with his mother and siblings. I still see Grandma Ina regularly. She turns 95 in October! Uncle Connie lives in Colorado. I haven’t seen him since just before Dad died in 2011. Uncle Scott lives in Ft. Smith, AR and Uncle Stanley lives in Norfolk, VA. Aunt Brenda still lives in Fayetteville, AR. Aunt Linda has a house here in AR and spends summers here but the rest of the time she’s in Nevada. The family does seem to be scattered far and wide. I don’t tend to this blog as I should. Too many other things take up my time. I’m always happy to email information back and forth. missy dot frye at gmail dot com.

  3. Jery Montgomery said:

    Do you know any history of the Montgomery family. I recently talked to Faye Parker from Combs and she told me that the small white building at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Possom Creek Road was once the post office in Patrick and that my great aunt Zola Montgomery was Postmaster there and lived in the house next to it. Census records show that her mother Maggie was Postmaster there in 1930. Also Zola’s brother Merle W Montgomery, who was instrumental in the building and naming of the Montgomery Chapel near there, is buried along with several other family members in the Patrick Cemetery.
    Zola and Merle’s father Richard Newton Montgomery was my great grandfather. He owned a farm in Patrick which I am very interested to know it’s location. I think my father along with his many brothers were born there. Richard’s first wife Louiza Jane Tichenor and he produced my grandfather James Oscar. James was born in Rocky Point Ar in 1881 but must have moved back to Patrick when he married my grandmother Della May Jayne. I don’t know if where Richard lived is the same farm as my grandfather James and Della raised all seven of their boys. Richard bought many parcels of land in late 1800, early 1900 probably to add to his farm.
    My wife and I are planning a road trip to Arkansas in October. I plan on visiting the county seat to get copies of these deeds to determine the location of Richard’s farm from legal descriptions.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Jery Montgomery

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